Lake Los Carneros

Lake Los Carneros

Lake Los Carneros

The Goodland

The Lake

Lake Los Carneros is a peaceful haven nestled in the heart of the small Goleta neighborhood. It attracts avid bird watchers with its flocks of exotic species migrating along the coast. The image of kids riding their bikes through eucalyptus groves and wild blackberry patches paints a picturesque scene of natural beauty and childhood adventure. With the location at the Stow Ranch property, the lake serves as a tranquil backdrop for various gatherings and leisure activities, from family picnics to nature walks with friends. 

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Stow House

The Stow House adds another layer of charm to the area, being a historical home nestled within a working ranch. The fact that it hosts summer concerts where neighbors can dance and enjoy the sunset together sounds delightful. And it's wonderful that the space is utilized for various events like city gatherings, weddings, and even features a petting zoo with goats and chickens, adding a touch of whimsy to the historical setting.

The dedication of the docents in sharing the history of the home and the old schoolhouse, providing insight into life in the 1800s, must offer visitors a fascinating journey into the past. It sounds like a place where the past and present come together harmoniously, creating memorable experiences for all who visit.
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LLC Pool

The community-run pool at Lake Los Carneros is a fantastic amenity for the neighborhood! With a private membership exclusive to the local residents, it fosters a sense of community and belonging. The addition of BBQs, ping pong tables, and space for play or swimming laps makes it a versatile and enjoyable spot for people of all ages.

The fact that the pool is heated and open for an extended season from March to October means that residents have ample opportunity to make the most of this wonderful facility. It's great to see such community-centric initiatives that promote active lifestyles and social interaction within the neighborhood.


Stow Grove Park

This iconic and historic park is a hot spot for Goleta residents. Three large barbecue areas provide the perfect opportunity for large family gatherings. The sand volleyball court, open field, and paths make Stow Grove Park the perfect place for families to gather for a special event or just for the day. 

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